Shop Our Store Blake's House seeks to empower young
women through life skills, supportive community,
and accountability, to go forth and lead lives that bring
pride, purpose, and peace to their days!
His House seeks to build men
of character through life skills,
weekly coaching, and mentoring that
allows them to launch confidently
into adulthood.
Jim has over 30 years of experience
in working with individuals, parents,
and families when it comes to
addiction problems.

Our Mission

Equipping homeless and at risk individuals
to cultivate long term life change.

Our Programs

Jim Riley Outreach operates two transitional living homes in Collin County that serve young adults who have aged out of foster care, or who are homeless and without critical supports. We provide a safe living environment, equip residents with life skills, foster educational and career advancement, and build a network of support around them through mentors and individual coaching.

Blake's House serves single women
(no children) aged 18-25.

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His House serves single men
(no children) aged 18-25.

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