Blake’s House is a Christian organization. Does this mean I need to be a Christian or attend church to live here?

You do not need to be a Christian to live at Blake’s House. However, parts of the program include Christian components, so you would need to be comfortable participating and engaging during those times. Church attendance is part of the program expectations, but if a resident prefers something smaller, a bible study or other community group of their choice will also meet that requirement. Plugging in to community is what matters most to us, and we want residents to be comfortable with where they choose to do that.

How long can I stay?

Blake’s House is not a temporary shelter. While those have their place, we believe in fostering a consistent environment to accomplish long term change. This process takes time. On average, residents live at Blake’s House between 12-18 months; however, some have left sooner than that, and others have stayed longer. We want you to feel confident and prepared for independent living and will always discuss transition plans in advance. Immediate dismissal is only used in extreme cases.

What if I come to Blake’s House and it’s not a good fit for me? Can I leave?

While we try to cover all the information and questions before you move in, there are times when a young woman decides that living at Blake’s House is not quite what she was expecting. We ask that you commit upon move in, but it is not contractual. You are free to leave at any time. We do, however, ask that you communicate with us regarding your plans and allow us the opportunity to help you make a positive transition to the next place.

Do you need your own transportation?

Blake’s House does not provide regular transportation. We can occasionally provide assistance with one time events (doctor’s appointments, etc) but it is not guaranteed. Blake’s House is located near two bus routes and residents without a car are encouraged to use public transportation. We also highly encourage saving for a car and help work with our residents to get inexpensive reliable transportation.

Can residents at Blake’s House have visitors?

Blake’s House residents are allowed to have visitors at the home. However, house guests must be approved by the director are only allowed in the common areas of the house during visiting hours.