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Addiction Recovery

What is Blake’s House?

As Marcie Riley Bazor served her community as a volunteer for children in foster care, she became acutely aware of the hardships these children face. When she learned of the stammering statistics that 50% of them end up homeless, in jail, or DEAD within 1 year of leaving the foster care system, she and her husband Tim, were compelled to create Blake’s House. 

Blake’s House is a private, 5 bedroom home in Plano, Texas that houses up to 4 young women and a house manager. Each girl is required to pay $150 per month which goes directly into a savings account. Upon completion of the Blake’s House program, each girl receives their saving fund to begin the transition into independent living. Blake’s House strongly encourages education for the girls. This enables them to grow into citizens who will no longer depend on government assistance, but to sustain themselves. They are taught the necessary life skills such as budgeting, driving, resume building and interviewing, cooking, and a host of other skills. 

The majority of children in foster care come from parents suffering from addiction. Blake’s House aligns under Jim Riley Outreach to help stop the cycle of addiction from continuing from one generation to the next. Your donation will directly impact the course of a young girl’s life by giving her a safe and loving home to live in, an education, and numerous opportunities to find Christ. 

100% of your donations goes directly to funding Blake's House. The expenses for Jim's Journey are paid separately by private donors.